You asked: What is a 8 pole motor?

First of all think of a DC Motor. If it is an 8-pole motor is will have 8 field coils evenly spaced all the way around it. Now, in an AC Motor with 3-phases you will have the 8-poles 3 times. That means you would have 24-groups of coils.

What is a 8 pole electric motor?

8 POLE: Relates to a motor that has a synchronous speed of 750rpm. Motors in this speed range, with losses allowed will run between 670rpm for the smaller units and up to 740 + rpm in the larger models.

What is the difference between 4 pole and 8 pole motor?

For a 4 pole motor, the speed is halved – 1800 rpm, 6 pole, 1200 rpm and so on. As speed decreases, torque increases so an 8 pole motor has 4x the torque of a 2 pole motor (but 1/4 the speed). The speed of the motor depends on the number of poles and frequency.

What is the difference between 6 pole and 8 pole motor?

Similarly, a six pole stator field rotates at one third of the supply frequency, (1200 r.p.m. for 60 Hz) and an eight pole stator field rotates at a quarter of the supply frequency (900 r.p.m. for 60 Hz).

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Which brand promotes 8 pole motors?

Hindustan 685 RPM 8 Pole High Efficiency Motor

Speed 685 rpm
Brand Hindustan
STA 3.0
STT 1.6
POT 1.8

What is a 6 pole motor?

The pole count of a motor is the number of permanent magnetic poles, north and south, on the rotor. There is always the same number of north and south poles on the rotor. For example, in a 12 pole motor, there are 6 north poles and 6 south poles. This motor would also be considered a 6 pole-pair motor.

How do you tell if a motor is 2 pole or 4 pole?

RE: How to tell how many poles a motor has.

Forgive me mentioning, the straightforward way to tell is to look at nameplate speed and figure it form there. 60hz motor at just below 3600rpm is 2-pole, at jut below 1800rpm 4 pole, just below 1200rpm6 pole.

How do you identify motor poles?

To determine the number of poles, you can read the data plate directly or calculate it from the RPM stated on the data plate or you can count the coils and divide by 3 (poles per phase) or by 6 (pairs of poles per phase).

Which is better 2 pole or 4 pole motor?

The speed of the motor depends on the number of poles and frequency. The speed of the 2 poles and 4 poles machine is 3000 RPM and 1500 RPM respectively. As the other Answer which is correct. Speed is double that of a 4 pole Motor.

Can a 60hz motor run on 50hz?

For a generic answer: yes you can, IF: you reduce the voltage by 50/60, the equipment doesn’t care, you don’t care about potentially overheating the motor, the process/load can tolerate the lower speed/torque, etc.

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What is the synchronous speed of a 50 Hz eight pole motor?

For 50 Hz motors, the speed is 3,000 rpm with 2 poles, and 1,500 rpm with 4 poles.

What is the rpm of normal motor?

Typical no load or synchronous speeds for an AC fractional horsepower motor are 1800 or 3600 rpm, and 1000-5000 rpm for DC fractional hp motors. If an application calls for a slower speed and/or higher torque, then a gear motor should be considered.

How many poles are there in 3 phase motor?

For a 3-phase motor, if you count a total of 12 coil groups, it has 4 magnetic poles. For a 12-pole 3-phase machine, there will be 36 coils. The number of magnetic poles in the rotor is equal to the number of magnetic poles in the stator.

What does pole mean on brushless motors?

The pole represents the number of permanent magnet poles for the rotating rotor, and a motor with one pair of N pole/S poles is called a two-pole motor.

How many coils does a 6 pole motor have?

To create a six pole motor use six coils per phase that creates three north poles and three south poles and so on. The number of stator slots is always a multiple of six.