How much is an Iron Cross bumper?

What is Iron Cross bumper?

Heavy Duty Front Bumper in Matte Black

∙ All Iron Cross Automotive bumpers are CNC laser cut, fully welded for superior strength, and Made in America!

How much does an iron cross front bumper weigh?

Iron Cross Base

Approximate weight: 160 lbs. The Iron Cross Base is one of your best options among the steel bumpers available, because of its lightweight design that prevents suspension fatigue.

How thick is an Iron Cross bumper?

For instance,a low profile Iron Cross front bumper is made with 10-gauge (about 9/64” thick) steel bumper shell. It’s not meant to do heavy duty work so there’s no need to go overboard with how thick the steel is. On the other hand, a heavy duty Warn winch bumper is constructed using 1/4” and 3/16” steel.

Will a GMC 1500 rear bumper fit a 2500?

A Chevy 1500 rear bumper will fit a 2500 bumper. … The chevy 1500 rear bumper and the 2500 rear bumper are interchangeable, the only real difference is larger plastic on the 2500.

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Why do bikers wear Iron Cross?

In the United States, the Iron Cross also became adopted by outlaw bikers, more to signify rebellion or to shock than for a specific political ideology.

What does the Iron Cross symbolize?

The Iron Cross symbolizes the courage of the old Prussian warriors, the great victories of the Bismarck era and the valor of the German soldiers of the First World War.

How much does f150 bumper weigh?

With a skid plate for engine protection. Bumper weight: about 86 lbs.

How much does a off road bumper weigh?

Average Weight Of A Steel Front Bumper

Bumper Brand Name Weight
Baracade HD front bumper 70 lbs
LOD mid-width w/o stinger 72 lbs
Fab Four stubby front winch bumper 80 lbs
Rock Hard 4×4 Parts stubby front winch bumper 86 lbs

How much does an iron bull bumper weigh?

A base bumper weighs 180lbs.

Are aftermarket bumpers safe?

Unlike OEM parts, aftermarket pieces have not been safety-tested by the manufacturer for use on the vehicle. Even if the vehicle manufacturer designated the part as safe, an incorrect installation could make it very dangerous. New tires and rims can change your vehicle’s alignment, suspension and brakes.

How thick are offroad bumpers?

An off-road bumper should be 1/4” thick. Between the 3/16″ bumper and the 1/4″ bumper, the difference might not sound like much, but that extra 1/16th of an inch can mean a whole lot.

How thick are winch bumpers?

So what’s the ideal steel plate thickness to support a winch and the force of recovering a vehicle? The answer is 3/16″-1/4″, depending on where the piece of steel is located in the bumper.

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Are Silverado 1500 and 2500 front bumpers the same?

The Chevy 1500 series front bumper will not fit onto a Chevy 2500 series truck without doing extensive modifications. The mounting brackets that the 1500 series bumper uses are not present on the frame and body of the 2500 series so You will have to add those.

Will a 2500 brush guard fit a 1500?

The front ends are different and the 2500 grille guard will not fit the 1500 series truck.

Will a 1500 bumper fit a 2500?

The ram 1500 bumper will fit a ram 2500 as they are the same bumper.